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Heaven Scent Soaps is a home-based company devoted to producing the highest quality natural product.  The fact that these products are made in someone's home is not the only major difference between commercial and natural.  Natural soaps and lotions are just that - they are made in smaller batches and are totally void of synthetic and artificial additives.  Most commercial soaps & lotions have high percentages of ingredients like: Titanium Dioxide, Tetradi-butyl Pentaerythrityl and Hydroxyhycdrocinnamate. I bet you can barely pronounce those words and if you do know what they are, I would venture to guess you either work for a commercial soap company or are a biochemist.

"What's the big deal?", you might say - "I don't ingest those chemicals."  On the contrary - unfortunately, you do!  Granted, you aren't eating them, but when you bathe with them day after day your body absorbs small percentages of these synthetic compounds that have nothing to do with nature.  Commercial soaps and lotions are loaded with drying agents and scents that come from laboratories, not organic gardens!  In addition, commercial soaps are not only chemically designed to remove dirt, but also moisture and natural oils from the surface of your skin.

Do they clean?  Yes.  However, they can also severely dry your skin in the process.


There are many natural soap companies around and hopefully they are all producing soaps with a strong degree of prideful ethics.  Each handmade batch of Heaven Scent Soap combines specific quantities of natural oils and scents and organic ingredients to not only create a distinctly unique fragrance that excites the olfactory glands, but removes body soil and dead skin cells without robbing the body of the moisture and oil it needs to remain healthy.


Natural soaps are a godsend for people who have allergies and sensitivities to traditional commercial soap additives and fillers.  I can personally give testimonial to that.  After years of using dermatological ointments and creams and enduring painful cortisone shots for severe skin irritations, I found out, coincidentally after using my own soaps, that I no longer had the dry and bleeding hands I fought so desperately to keep under control because of a career in the hospitality industry.


The short of the long story is: Heaven Scent Soaps have a truly delicious scent.  They are totally natural and can actually enhance the health of your body's skin.  Bathing with these soaps is an enjoyable therapeutic experience.  Once you've used them, you won't want to ever buy a bar of commercially prepared soap again!


Heaven Scent Soaps is a member of the Hand-Crafted Soapmakers Guild and guarantees that all soap recipes are entirely natural and that any additives used in the recipes are certified organically grown.


Thank you for using Heaven Scent Soaps.


Tony Thomson



 PO Box 11275, Minneapolis, MN 55411-0275



Wholesale Orders Welcome with 50 bar minimum orders.


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